The sooner people cop on to this toxic merry go round the quicker their health will improve.

Have you ever noticed, the "weeds/herbs" that are killed by the toxic and carcinogenic glyphosphate, are the most beneficial health wise?

Its no accident.

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It is all just so...sick.

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This PSA for "rare" heart condition has been running as TV & radio ads here in NYC for weeks now.

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That's what all drug companies do. It's in their missions statements. Create more and more diseases and then offer the drugs to treat them. And then offer more drugs to treat the discomforts of the first drugs and on and on. They even offer drugs to treat fake diseases. Furthermore, they have no compunction about having government force people into taking drugs. And for sure and for certain, they do not care one iota if their products main or murder anyone.

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The ... Pfizer ... Circle ... of Hell!

That visual brings it all together, Josh. Though what's missing from it is the audio of a sinister, megalomaniacal laugh:



First we had "banksters" mucking up the money supply, like gangsters would, and now we have drug lords, in the most realistic sense of the term.

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What makes it super bad is the fact that ofizer create the noise then have their calmettes ready... creating the problem/sickness like a well thought through business plan... i don't believe they worked at warp speed to get the mrna treatments ready. That part was part of the lie to act as if these scientists did it for humanity, out of love bla bla bla. The heroes of humankind. Always the little stories to gain time and confusion. . The mrna's were all ready for years now. Starting with mers already. Only a fool can't see the hegelian business plan behind it.

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That Pfizer chart is great!

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Hi Susan!!! Yes Moderna is mRNA. See here for CDC's safety signal analysis on the mRNA vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer): https://jackanapes.substack.com/p/cdc-finally-released-its-vaers-safety

Hope you're doing well.

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I’m fortunate to have learned this business method very early in life and never set foot on what I call “Big Harma’s hamster wheel of slow death”.

It’s like here take pill A for this. The next thing you know you need pill B & C to counteract pill A.

As much as I despise All harmacuiticles and allopathic sick care, one has to admit as a business model it’s fabulous! Keep the sheep just healthy enough to keep coming back for more.

Hopefully, many will wake up to this evil and start thinking outside the box, yet the brainwashing is extremely deep. I deal with this daily, caring for seniors who think I’m stark raving mad for suggesting upping their vitamin C or D. Or for suggestions food, plants and herbs. I got my ass handed to me for suggesting sunshine without sunscreen, or activated charcoal for tummy troubles, lol 😂. Mention Chlorine dioxide or Colloidal silver and prepare for a beat down, lol 😆.

Yet, God blessed me with a sense of humor and the wisdom to know I’ve been beat. But, I still try only with armor on these days.

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Same for governments, who create crises & then offer to “fix” them (always with lots & lots of taxpayer $$) or “protect” the populace from their own creations

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In case you haven't seen this yet, some other folk finally doing something with the raw data:


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Pfizer does sound like the name for a firecracker that fizzles out.

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Got to hand it to them, it's a fantastic business model and they know their customers and partners really well.

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If you watch tv in America, I recommend muting the endless commercials. My favorite show Jeopardy, is now sponsored by Murderna / Moderna.

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Pfizer reported 3,285 cases of Atrial fibrillation to 15 April 2022

Plus Atrial tachycardia 74

Tachycardia Foetal 12

Plus Ventricular fibrillation 274

Plus Cardiac fibrillation 167

Plus 22,873 cases of Tachycardia

Plus Sinus tachycardia 783

Supraventricular tachycardia 412

Ventricular tachycardia 266

Postural orthostatic tachycardia 262

Tachycardia paroxysmal 78

Tachycardia induced cardiomyopathy 4

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This is depressing!

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